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Another change?!?! Kamp Kweh Secrets!

OOPS!! I had thought that since Lady Momo's stats were completely capped, she was in no danger of stat changes or anything. She's been on basic careplan since Day 64 when she reached her stat's "Soft cap" and I have been doing nothing except for occassionally taking her out for long walks (to see if she'd find me something nice..) when I remember. I have another friend who's raising a digger who I've joined up to do Kamp Kweh a few times. I never did much Kamp Kweh with Lady Momo, so never knew much about it, besides that it supposedly raises a stat by a very very small amount (previously.. never noticeable to me). Well, after doing Kamp Kweh with my friend these past week, I can say that however small amount it raises, it DOES raise/lower stats similar to careplans. Since many of Lady Momo's stats were borderline from one level to the next, the effect of Kamp Kweh became noticeable. This past week of doing Kamp Kweh with my friend, Lady Momo received an increase in STR one day, and increase in INT another day. It was only after that, that I noticed a significant change in stats, Lady Momo's stats went from:

STR: First-Class
END: First-Class
DIS: Average
REC: Substandard


STR: First-Class
END: First-Class
DIS: Above Average
REC: Poor

That's changes to TWO stats. This lead me to believe that what happened was the increase in STR has caused her REC to jump back down to poor (STR stat change is not noticeable since it was already extremely close to cap). The increase in INT helped increase her DIS to above average, and lowered  END (not noticeable for END since END was in First-Class.. and probably had enough points in it that it was able to lose some points and not lose "First-class" though it is now  probably very close to the next level down). Since I did not like how the stats looked, I went ahead and used up 80 chocobucks for another chocotrain (fully aware that by increasing one stat, I will now lower another) to put into REC back up to Substandard.. which probably decreased STR a bit more. Now Lady Momo's stats are:

STR: First-Class
End: First-Class
DIS: Above Average
REC: Substandard

I am going to try and keep her like this.. and will not play around with Kamp Kweh any more in case it messes her stats even more!