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Chocobo Circuit Racing times

Chocobo Circuit Racing Schedule:

Some info on how the schedule works for Chocobo Circuit race entry periods!

The Chocobo Circuit races operate on a schedule that rotates around the four possible ranks (C4 through C1). The C4 rank race entry period is at 00-15 and 30-45 minutes past the real-life hour, every hour. The C3 rank race entry period is at 15-30 minutes past the real-life hour.

The C1 and C2 races are slightly different. The two ranks change depending on the time of the day (Japanese time), with the time switching around an "A" and a "B" schedule.

"A" Days:
C2 Rank-- 00am-03am, 07am-12pm, 04pm-07pm, 11pm
C1 Rank -- 04am-06am, 01pm-03pm, 08pm-10pm

"B" Days:
C2 Rank-- 00am-04am, 08am-11am, 03pm-08pm
C1 Rank-- 05am-07am, 12pm-02pm, 09pm-11pm

This also  means the following times would always be C1:
C1 Rank -- 05am-06am, 01pm-02pm, 09pm-10pm

The following times would always be C2:
C2 Rank -- 00am-03am, 08am-11am, 04pm-07pm


( Kweh?! )
( Kweh?! )