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When Lady Momo was at day 99 a few days ago, I found out she's completely capped in her stats! I probably added wrong, or went over a little bit more than I should for a few of the stats since this was not what I had been expecting for her finished stats.. but nontheless.. I'm extremely satisfied with my first racing 'bo. I think I'm going to hold off retiring her just yet, since I am not sure if I want to go straight into raising yet another chocobo again (definitely digger next). Her finished stats are as follows:

Strength: First-class and capped
Endurance: First-class.. just barely
Discernment: Average.. and maybe one or two chocotrains from "Better than average"
Receptivity: Substandard.. just barely

Personality: Ill-tempered
Weather Preference: no special preference to weather

It's strange though.. even though I'm officially "capped" in stats, I did Kamp Kweh with a friend who had just started raising a new chocobo. I ended up receiving a boost in strength, even though I remembered that was the one stat that it was the very first stat I made sure to cap out completely. I guess I'll have to do Kamp Kweh more to see if possibly her stats can go even higher even though she's now unable to get any more boost from the chocotrains.

Since I already had 100+ chocobucks ready to use.. originally for discernment, I used it to try the last pashhow marshland race instead. This race is tough! The entrance fee for the Dream race is 50 chocobucks. You're racing against all chocobos, one of them being Sakura in her original color.. white 'bo! My first attempt, I used a speed apple, but ended up placing second place. Sakura uses dream apple which speeds her up.. on top of another chocobo, Keyaki will aid Sakura by using dream cracker to slow down all the 'bos other than herself and sakura. My second attempt, I used a pepper biscuit, but lady momo ended up using it on the wrong 'bo. I've decided next time, I will try spore bomb in order to lower all the 'bo's discernment. I'm not that concerned with winning this last race quickly, so I'm going to save up as much chocobucks as I can. :D