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Thanks to a good friend of mine, who donated a bunch of chocotrains in my quest in finishing up the stats for LadyMomo... ON TOP OF having woken up at 9 in the morning his time in order to get me the chocotrains. He's with the Bastokan racing team which means he did not have access to the tradeable chocotrains which is only available for 90 chocobucks for the first place racing team (usually windurst). He woke up early in order to catch the tally totals and the racing team standings reset for the week. Thanks to him though, LadyMomo received 3 receptivity training tokens and 3 discernment training tokens, which brought her up to substandard receptivity finally! This resulted in:


LadyMomo finally beat the mad-dashin' cactaur using a speed apple. She won 9000 gil and received 30 chocobucks back as a reward. I ended up also entering her in a chocobo circuit race to start her on saving up for victory points. She won that as well! Good day for my little 'bo. ^^