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Swamp Race #3 &4

I got the chance to do the 4th race earlier than usual today (I usually race at night and update the next day).

Swamp Race #3: Entrance fee: 35 chocobucks

Swamp Race #3 was pretty much the same as the previous race.. against a random group of animals again, but with much better stats. Lady Momo almost lost to a sheep and rabbit but luckily her "Final Spurt" came into use and she gained lead toward the end of the race and won. :D For this race, Lady Momo received 20 chocobucks and 8000 gil.

Swamp Race #4: Entrance fee: 40 chocobucks

Swamp Race #4 was more interesting. The usual person who supplies the menagerie is missing (kidnapped!).. so instead, Shantotto comes in and takes his spot with her own team of cardian racers! There were 4 cardians and 3 other chocobo racers along with Lady Momo. This race was really not all that tough.. minus the fact that Shantotto is involved.. which resulted in serious cheating! The cardians each had a special ability to help them speed up, not become affected by other racer's attack, 2 different moves to slow other racers down. During the middle of the race, since the cardians are much further behind, Shantotto even takes matters in her own hands and casts tornado on all the racing chocobos only to blame it on "reckless adventurer's playing their game". Tornado caused the speed, stamina, and evasion rate of all the chocobos to drop. In the end, Lady Momo won and received 20 chocobucks and 8500 gil.

I also added another link to my link list. It's a Japanese website so the link I have there is the translated version. It's one of the most informative sites that I found and the only problem I have with it usually is the fact that some parts aren't translated or translated a bit weird.. but still extremely useful once you make sense of it! There are 3 different links on the side under Chocobos: Chocobo Development (raising), CHOKOBORESU (racing), and CHOKOBOSAKITTO (Chocobo Circuit). All are very in depth. :D

Swamp Race #2

The second race (Survival Race) in the series was very similar to the first, except there were additional monsters to race against as well as 2 other chocobos. The entry fee was 30 chocobucks (ouch!) All the monsters used special abilities and could use it repeatedly whereas the 'bos just used whatever item they were equipped with once. I remembered a sheep, a dhamel, a flytrap, a rabbit, 2 other chocobos, and another animal that I can't recall at the moment. The sheep and rabbits both used moves that helped boost their speed. The flytrap REPEATEDLY used a move on others to slow them down.. including LadyMomo. Regardless, I won this one easily too and am seriously hoping all the races will be this easy though I know that's definitely not going to be the case. I won 7500 gil in reward as well as 15 chocobucks.

Also.. I made another rather careless bet with SE (people who knows me knows I have this little game I have with SE to get certain event(s) to happen or certain item(s) to drop). Well, I bet away an entire week of hot/cold games and lost (SE is always watching.. -_-) so I won't be doing any hot/cold until next week. T_T

Swamp Races #1

Since I'm finally done with the official races, I'm now on the pashhow marshland swamp races! I attempted the first one (dueler's race) last night. This one's against a sheep and costs 25 chocobucks to enter. The sheep has a move called "Sheep Charge" which I assume is just like speed apple. With my chocobo's current stats and a speed apple, Lady Momo was ahead of the sheep the entire race and easily won.. even though the sheep used Sheep Charge twice during the race. I received 15 chocobucks and 7k reward (or was it 5k?).

It was 100% full moon last night as well so I decided to take my digging 'bo out for a digging session. I did extremely well in yhoater jungles and received a nice amount of expensive logs and pretty much walked away with about 30k of profit using just 8 stacks of greens. Since I did so well in yhoater, I decided to give western altepa desert a try too (BIG MISTAKE!!). I bought another 5 stacks of greens and raked in a total of 2 bone chips from the digging session there. @_@

In other news.. my 'bo also learned canter!! It took using up 2 energy bars completely on reading to get it to learn it last night! I hope I can get a chance at winning the super birds now. :o More chocobucks.. YES PLEASE! :D

Day 66

Since Lady Momo is already past day 64, she will be on the basic care plan on a permanent basis until I either retire her or she gets auto-retired herself. I will stop updating her daily progress unless there is any changes in her stats via the chocotrains. I will continue to race her in the official races and prepare her for the pashhow marshland races and perhaps start working on a new digging 'bo on my mule.

Day 64/65

Unfortunately, Lady Momo did not manage to get average discernment through the care plans by Day 64 (soft cap on all stats.. any increase in stats afterwards will be done via chocotrains). I found out that a care plan only works if she manages to get whatever task she does for the care plan completed successfully each day. For example, in Lady Momo's case, she was on the "Digging for treasure" care plan. Due to the fact that quite often, she "hardly found anything", each day that happens, the care plan for that day will be considered to have failed, and you get no boost (or less than usual.. not entirely sure of this since I did not write down which days the care plans failed) in the stat you were working on. I used up all my chocobucks already on chocotrains. After using up all those chocobucks, Lady Momo has the following stats:

Strength: First-Class (fully capped)
Endurance: Outstanding
Discernment: Average (right at the borderline of average and a bit deficient)
Receptivity: Poor (currently no points put into this stat at all)

She also learned gallop on Day 65 and is still in the process of getting canter. I have started completing the Official races for Windurst and I definitely notice that she's much faster than before and can finish the official races easily even without any equipment. Regarding stats, I plan to continue on until endurance is at first-class as well, and also I'm deciding whether to just get it to the borderline of first-class and outstanding, or to have it fully capped. Afterwards, I will take receptivity as much as it'll let me, which most likely will be just at a bit deficient.


Another day without change in stats for LadyMomo. Her affection is down so low that she's almost in danger of running away. I really should take care of her affection more, but I figured since it's the last few days she'll be on this care plan, I'll push her just a bit more. The bad news is since her affection is so low, she's also more vulnerable to getting sick. She's sick yet again last night so I got her some medicine to make her feel better (though.. medicine also decrease affection even more.. haha) I've forgotten that she's already at a bit deficient for discernment which means that supposedly, I might be able to learn gallop already. I attempted to read "story of an impatient chocobo" to her but no luck. I'll try again tonight.

As usual, I did the free races and took her to race in the chocobo circuit. As usual, I placed a bet on my chocobo as first and another bird as second. This time though, I bought a second ticket with the same exact bet, except the other bird as first, and LadyMomo as second. Silly me though, I got the other mixed up and bet on the wrong bird! When I found out the one I thought I chose won, I was so happy, only to turn it in and find out I had bet on the wrong one.. hahahaha. Hopefully, I'll get it right tonight... soon.. or.. um.. maybe one day? ;3 Since LadyMomo placed second place, she won some gil, 5 chocobucks, and 2 more solo victory points!

I also took my digger out to do the Hot/Cold quest in a new place tonight. I've had access to do the quest in Altepa for a while now, but never tried since you get much fewer digs here than in the jungles. A friend had attempted it tonight, and urged me to try it as well. I gave it a try, and yes, I probably did 6 or 7 digs and my chocobo already gave the fatigue warning. Fortunately, I got the chest and found a commode, gregarious worm, and a gysahl green. The rewards were mediocre, but it might have just been a bad day. I'll have to give the desert a try a few more times. ^^

Day 61/62

There's no big change with Lady Momo. The only change was on Day 62, her discernment finally levelled up to a bit deficient. I have 3 more days to get her discernment up to average and I know for sure that's not going to happen, but at least I should get it up a little bit more before I start using chocotrains.

I have been nursing a cold, so have missed a few nights of hot/cold but finally got back to doing it again last night. I got my very first King Truffle from it too, though I wish I was like my friend and get wooden pots as often as he does. x_o I also received 2 whistle coupons from him that he had saved up from his hot/cold quests which is definitely nice. He knows that I love to dig so this will definitely be useful. <3 (You can only carry one whistle coupon at a time, so I had to send one to a mule for use later on)

Of course, I did some racing again. I missed one night of the chocobo circuit races but did manage to do one the next day. Lady Momo won first place again and received another 10 chocobucks, gil and solo victory points!.. though I lost the chocobet again.. :P From all the chocobo circuit racing, Hot/Cold quests, and free runs, I've saved up over 160 chocobucks already in Windurst! Just a few thousand more to go!! XD

Day 60

Lady Momo is a bit under the weather.. AND in love again. I fed her my last celerity salad that I have saved up from the hot/cold quests along with an azouph green and a tokopekko grass to cure her sickness. Her Endurance has gone down again to Impressive. This means her discernment should be increasing to the next level tonight. ^^

I also did quite a bit of racing. First, I entered her in her usual daily chocobo circuit races and my usual bet. She did manage to place first but unfortunately my second pick was not the right one, so I lost in the bets again. (I WILL win one day..) Since she placed first, she won another 10 extra chocobucks, 5300 gil, and 3 solo victory points for Windurst. Afterwards, I raced her in the free runs and decided to do more runs than the usual 8 that I do each day. I think I have over 100 chocobucks saved up with the Windy racing team now.. definitely not bad considering it's only my third day with the Windurst racing team. <3

Day 59

It's down to the last few days now.. I think I will miss getting average discernment by about a day or two, but I'll use chocobucks for that instead. I raked in another 28 chocobucks from the free races, plus another 5 from hot/cold and another one from the choco circuit racing (I lost.. so only received one)

It was full moon last night.. and usually I hate competing with others, but I decided to give it a try anyways. It was at 98% full moon and decreasing. I bought 8 stacks of greens and tried yhoater jungles, my favorite place to dig. I certainly did manage to dig up quite a bit, but it wasn't as great as I had hoped since most of the items dug up were really cheap logs. I did manage 2 mahagony and 2 oak logs at least though. For fun, I also decided to try altepa too. I truly hate altepa since that place is always dug up, but it has been a while since my last attempt so I figured why not try my luck again. I bought another 8 stacks and tried western altepa desert but did not manage to get any coral fragments. I did manage to get a gold ore pretty early on as well as a few giant femurs and a turtle shell among other things. This wasn't exactly a great digging session, but I've definitely done worse.

Day 57/58

There was no change on day 57 for Lady Momo. I raced her in the circuit races and because I did not manage to check back in time for the race, I was unable to place a bet on her. She placed second place and won 5 chocobucks, some gil, along with another victory point. I also won another 26 chocobucks from the free races! :D

Day 58, Lady Momo fell in love again... this time, I fed her a celerity salad since I think being lovesick causes careplans for mental attributes to increase at a much slower rate, and I can not afford to have discernment go up any slower. :X Also, celerity salad supposedly boosts discernment a bit, so I'll use whatever I can to finish up her stats. I also found out that I have exactly 560 chocobucks saved up with San D'Oria racing team. This is the exact amount of chocobucks for an entire stat level up (80 chocobucks per chocotrain x 7 chocotrains). With that in mind, I switched over to the Windurstian racing team to save me time from having to run over to San D'Oria each day. I had to do the offical races again for the Windurst team in order to be allowed to do the free races, so I did 3 of them, and won some money as well as 3 chocobucks for the third official race. I'll probably worry about doing the rest of the offical races afterwards (if they won't let me try the pashhow marshland races in windurst) and focus on the free runs for chocobucks. The windurst free races are definitely better than the San D'Orian ones. Out of the 8 race cycle for the free races, there are 3 races in which there are no super birds instead of only 2 that San D'Oria has. This means, I can win 28 chocobucks per cycle instead of the usual 26 I win in San D'Oria. I'll definitely need all the chocobucks I can get.. ._.