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Before Volg there was...

Greetings chocobo community.  I know this is a bit forward, but I'm a pretty big chocobo fan myself and I was wondering if you all here could help me with a problem. As some of you might know back in 1999 Square released a game called Chocobo Stallion. In that game you could race chocobo like a horse derby simulation. One of the main characters in the game was a black chocobo called Meteo or Meteoburaian メテオブライアン 
He can be seen in the intro to the game as well as two fan art pictures I've come across on an old Japanese website. While the fanart is nice in its own right I'd love to see the official Square concept art of the character. I once had the picture but have lost it many years ago. Think anyone could help me?

http://www.so-network.net/chocobo/img/meteo2.jpg http://www.so-network.net/chocobo/img/meteo.jpg