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Before Volg there was...

Greetings chocobo community.  I know this is a bit forward, but I'm a pretty big chocobo fan myself and I was wondering if you all here could help me with a problem. As some of you might know back in 1999 Square released a game called Chocobo Stallion. In that game you could race chocobo like a horse derby simulation. One of the main characters in the game was a black chocobo called Meteo or Meteoburaian メテオブライアン 
He can be seen in the intro to the game as well as two fan art pictures I've come across on an old Japanese website. While the fanart is nice in its own right I'd love to see the official Square concept art of the character. I once had the picture but have lost it many years ago. Think anyone could help me?

http://www.so-network.net/chocobo/img/meteo2.jpg http://www.so-network.net/chocobo/img/meteo.jpg


2/2 on the C1 races so far! ^^

The combination I use is Final Spurt, Speed Apple and Elm saddle.

Go Go Lady Momo!

Sir Momo?!

Apparently the chocobo raising npc's have now decided to think that all the chocobos they're taking care of are males. Lady Momo is now a male chocobo. I thought it would be funny to get some Chococards from "him" and bazaar male and female Lady Momo cards together, but it didn't work. Even though the npc says LadyMomo is now a male.. the chococards she gives me are still normal "female" Lady Momo Cards. Ah.. it would have been funny (and quite mean/weird) for me to pair up the same chocobo together and watch 'em go on a date and produce a chocobo egg. :3

Another change?!?! Kamp Kweh Secrets!

OOPS!! I had thought that since Lady Momo's stats were completely capped, she was in no danger of stat changes or anything. She's been on basic careplan since Day 64 when she reached her stat's "Soft cap" and I have been doing nothing except for occassionally taking her out for long walks (to see if she'd find me something nice..) when I remember. I have another friend who's raising a digger who I've joined up to do Kamp Kweh a few times. I never did much Kamp Kweh with Lady Momo, so never knew much about it, besides that it supposedly raises a stat by a very very small amount (previously.. never noticeable to me). Well, after doing Kamp Kweh with my friend these past week, I can say that however small amount it raises, it DOES raise/lower stats similar to careplans. Since many of Lady Momo's stats were borderline from one level to the next, the effect of Kamp Kweh became noticeable. This past week of doing Kamp Kweh with my friend, Lady Momo received an increase in STR one day, and increase in INT another day. It was only after that, that I noticed a significant change in stats, Lady Momo's stats went from:

STR: First-Class
END: First-Class
DIS: Average
REC: Substandard


STR: First-Class
END: First-Class
DIS: Above Average
REC: Poor

That's changes to TWO stats. This lead me to believe that what happened was the increase in STR has caused her REC to jump back down to poor (STR stat change is not noticeable since it was already extremely close to cap). The increase in INT helped increase her DIS to above average, and lowered  END (not noticeable for END since END was in First-Class.. and probably had enough points in it that it was able to lose some points and not lose "First-class" though it is now  probably very close to the next level down). Since I did not like how the stats looked, I went ahead and used up 80 chocobucks for another chocotrain (fully aware that by increasing one stat, I will now lower another) to put into REC back up to Substandard.. which probably decreased STR a bit more. Now Lady Momo's stats are:

STR: First-Class
End: First-Class
DIS: Above Average
REC: Substandard

I am going to try and keep her like this.. and will not play around with Kamp Kweh any more in case it messes her stats even more!

Chocobo Circuit Racing Fees & Rewards

Signup fee 500 gil and 10 chocobucks
1st price - 5,000gil +3% sales bonus, 10 chocobucks and 3 Solo Victory Points
2nd price - 2,000gil +1% sales bonus, 5 chocobucks and 2 Solo Victory Points
3rd price - 1,000gil +0,50% sales bonus, 2 chocobucks and 1 Solo Victory Points

Signup fee 1,000 gil and 20 chocobucks
Requires 10 Solo Victory Points to join
1st price - 10,000 gil +3% sales bonus, 20 chocobucks and 6 Solo Victory Points
2nd price - 4,000 gil +1% sales bonus, 10 chocobucks and 4 Solo Victory Points
3rd price - 2,000 gil +0,50% sales bonus, 4 chocobucks and 2 Solo Victory Points

Signup fee 5k and 40 chocobucks.
Requirement: Must have at least 20 Solo Victory Points
1st price - 50k +3% sales bonus, 40 chocobucks and 9 Solo Victory Points
2nd price - 20k +1% sales bonus, 20 chocobucks and 6 Solo Victory Points
3rd price - 10k +0,50% sales bonus, 8 chocobucks and 3 Solo Victory Points

Signup fee 10k and 80 chocobucks
Signup requirement: 60 Solo victory points
1st price - 100k +3% sales bonus, 80 chocobucks and 12 Solo Victory Points
2nd price - 40k +1% sales bonus, 40 chocobucks and 8 Solo Victory Points
3rd price - 20k +0,50% sales bonus, 16 chocobucks and 4 Solo Victory Points

You will also get an ex-furnishing item (cups) when you placed:
1st: Gold Cup
2nd: Mythril Cup
3rd: Bronze Cup

I added yet another useful link to the link lists as well. I found it recently and found it useful since it has all the stats of the npc chocobos you're racing against.. as well as the items they use. VERY useful. <3

Chocobo Circuit Racing times

Chocobo Circuit Racing Schedule:

Some info on how the schedule works for Chocobo Circuit race entry periods!

The Chocobo Circuit races operate on a schedule that rotates around the four possible ranks (C4 through C1). The C4 rank race entry period is at 00-15 and 30-45 minutes past the real-life hour, every hour. The C3 rank race entry period is at 15-30 minutes past the real-life hour.

The C1 and C2 races are slightly different. The two ranks change depending on the time of the day (Japanese time), with the time switching around an "A" and a "B" schedule.

"A" Days:
C2 Rank-- 00am-03am, 07am-12pm, 04pm-07pm, 11pm
C1 Rank -- 04am-06am, 01pm-03pm, 08pm-10pm

"B" Days:
C2 Rank-- 00am-04am, 08am-11am, 03pm-08pm
C1 Rank-- 05am-07am, 12pm-02pm, 09pm-11pm

This also  means the following times would always be C1:
C1 Rank -- 05am-06am, 01pm-02pm, 09pm-10pm

The following times would always be C2:
C2 Rank -- 00am-03am, 08am-11am, 04pm-07pm

When Lady Momo was at day 99 a few days ago, I found out she's completely capped in her stats! I probably added wrong, or went over a little bit more than I should for a few of the stats since this was not what I had been expecting for her finished stats.. but nontheless.. I'm extremely satisfied with my first racing 'bo. I think I'm going to hold off retiring her just yet, since I am not sure if I want to go straight into raising yet another chocobo again (definitely digger next). Her finished stats are as follows:

Strength: First-class and capped
Endurance: First-class.. just barely
Discernment: Average.. and maybe one or two chocotrains from "Better than average"
Receptivity: Substandard.. just barely

Personality: Ill-tempered
Weather Preference: no special preference to weather

It's strange though.. even though I'm officially "capped" in stats, I did Kamp Kweh with a friend who had just started raising a new chocobo. I ended up receiving a boost in strength, even though I remembered that was the one stat that it was the very first stat I made sure to cap out completely. I guess I'll have to do Kamp Kweh more to see if possibly her stats can go even higher even though she's now unable to get any more boost from the chocotrains.

Since I already had 100+ chocobucks ready to use.. originally for discernment, I used it to try the last pashhow marshland race instead. This race is tough! The entrance fee for the Dream race is 50 chocobucks. You're racing against all chocobos, one of them being Sakura in her original color.. white 'bo! My first attempt, I used a speed apple, but ended up placing second place. Sakura uses dream apple which speeds her up.. on top of another chocobo, Keyaki will aid Sakura by using dream cracker to slow down all the 'bos other than herself and sakura. My second attempt, I used a pepper biscuit, but lady momo ended up using it on the wrong 'bo. I've decided next time, I will try spore bomb in order to lower all the 'bo's discernment. I'm not that concerned with winning this last race quickly, so I'm going to save up as much chocobucks as I can. :D


Thanks to a good friend of mine, who donated a bunch of chocotrains in my quest in finishing up the stats for LadyMomo... ON TOP OF having woken up at 9 in the morning his time in order to get me the chocotrains. He's with the Bastokan racing team which means he did not have access to the tradeable chocotrains which is only available for 90 chocobucks for the first place racing team (usually windurst). He woke up early in order to catch the tally totals and the racing team standings reset for the week. Thanks to him though, LadyMomo received 3 receptivity training tokens and 3 discernment training tokens, which brought her up to substandard receptivity finally! This resulted in:


LadyMomo finally beat the mad-dashin' cactaur using a speed apple. She won 9000 gil and received 30 chocobucks back as a reward. I ended up also entering her in a chocobo circuit race to start her on saving up for victory points. She won that as well! Good day for my little 'bo. ^^

Almost done?!

It's been a while since I've posted anything, not because I have forgotten, but because there really has been no noticeable changes at all. I've been continuously doing the free runs whenever I have time, and using the chocobucks to upgrade LadyMomo's stats. I'm still contemplating what is considered the best stats for a chocobo. I know there is no true "best" stats, but it does not hurt to try out different things to see if one stat affects another stat. Originally, my plan had been to bring up endurance up to first-class, not completely maxed, but still enough to be considered first-class, and the rest into receptivity. After a few chocotrains placed in endurance, I feel my chocobo is slower for some reason. This made me think that perhaps in order to maximize the effects of endurance and strength, I need to increase discernment as well? I started feeling that she's slower because, in the past, LadyMomo always just barely loses to the super 'bos in the free races. Now, it feels as if there's a big gap between her and the super bo(s), but it could also just be plain bad luck.

In any case, since I did not want to waste the chocotrains that I have already put into endurance, I continued to add chocotrains to her endurance and she is officially at first class endurance again. Next, instead of my original plan of adding all remaining stat points to receptivity, I think I'll only bring up receptivity one level to substandard and put the rest into discernment. I feel receptivity is useful, but does not give consistent results for me to want to increase. Receptivity helps avoid attacks aimed at your chocobo, but even with a poor rating, LadyMomo has been able to avoid attacks a few times, and other npc bo's with high receptivity has gotten hit by attacks numerous times. Since the results of avoiding attacks is very random, I'd rather depend on luck and placing more points on other stats instead.

Swamp Race #5

So much for the the races being so easy thus far. I'm officially stuck on the most important race (at least for me). Swamp race #5 is horribly tough and happens to be the one that gives the pullus torque as a reward. I've literally spent over 200 chocobucks on this race and have failed every single time. This race costs 45 chocobucks to enter which is quite a lot to be losing for each attempt since I could be spending it on chocotrain which costs 80 chocobucks per chocotrain. For the moment, I've been trying very hard not to spend it on another attempt every time I reach 45 chocobucks again. I've also have doing many many more free races each day in order to make up all the lost chocobucks.

The race itself, is with lots of random animals again as well as a few chocobos, sakura being one of them. She showed up in the previous race as a red chocobo.. but was introduced as just another chocobo with the same name at the time. You only find out she's the real Sakura this race and has colored herself black this time. In this race, the main threat is a crazy cactaur that uses an ability called "Mad Dash" which is equivalent to speed apple. The cactaur isn't very fast, but due to the fact that when it uses Mad Dash, it uses it 7 times in a row, which results in him winning during the last stretch of the race. LadyMomo, using a speed apple, can keep up pretty well, but just barely loses to the cactaur by perhaps a single step. I've also tried equipping LadyMomo with a Foulweather frog which causes it to rain. Rain prevents the cactaur from using its ability, but unfortunately without a speed apple, LadyMomo loses to Sakura instead. I need to check whether Sakura has a rain weather preference instead since she seems to be much faster in the rain. I also need to work on discernment a bit since I think it'll help to evade the other animals abilities which causes LadyMomo to slow down.